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For those with more than a passing interest in Beachside, we'd like to briefly acquaint you with our community and our history. "Kiahuna Plantation" is what we call the entire resort complex: 330 individually-owned beachhouses, located on 30 picturesque acres. "Phase 1" properties, completed in 1973, comprise six buildings and 29 beachhouses. Because of their auspicious location and ocean-sunset views, these original Kiahuna beachhouses remain in great demand.

Most Phase-1 owners consider their beachhouses second homes. When several owners decided to market their beachhouses directly to friends and to a select group of renters, the idea caught on quickly. These are not mere rental condominiums with unlimited public availability. These are comfortable, well-appointed homes. "Kiahuna Beachside" was the name chosen to distinguish these units from the greater Kiahuna Plantation.

With offices in California, Kiahuna Beachside enjoys some of the highest repeat-rental rates of any resort in the world. Repeat guests and even first-time visitors consider Kiahuna Beachside their "home away from home." Of course, much credit is due Castle Resorts, Inc., whose reputation precedes them as one of the finest property-management companies on the Islands. By now, we're used to hearing how responsive the Castle staff is to our guests' needs.

If you haven't visited Kiahuna before, get ready for an exceptional experience. And, if you have, welcome back to your "personal tropical retreat"!